Telemedicine consultation with the appointment of herbal product of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Telemedicine consultation with Dr. Belyaeva is an appointment of prepared herbal product of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) according to your Patient Form, which includs subjective symptoms, medical records and analysis.

As a result you get the conclusion of consultation with the name of the prepared herbal product of TCM. After payment for the consultation you get the appointed prepared herbal product for free.

For getting the telemedicine consultation you should:

  1. Fill the Patient Form (write us on to get one).
  2. Save it and send it to us at
  3. Pay the consultation with yandex money trough the payment form below.

Cost of consultation - 6 000 russian roubles.

If you have any questions please contact us at or through the contact form.

Here is some notes for the payment form below: "ФИО плательщика" = Your name - write your name here, "Сумма" = Cost - you don't need to change this field.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a bank commission of 3% for the money transfer.